Art by Xtian Torres, Manila
Xtian Torres
Spiderlings were crawling on my legs and making me itch.
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The Bland and Beautiful World of Xtian Torres

By Xtian Torres

Filipino Artist Xtian Torres on turning frustrations, fears and questions into art


What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on some paintings that we will be showcasing at the next arts and crafts fair. I am also updating my online profile now because I need a decent source of money.


Describe a day in the life of artist, Xtian Torres.

My day as an artist is bland and full of struggles. It’s like a survival of the fittest. You have to take little and big steps in order to survive. On the other hand, I meet a lot of people with great minds, great philosophies and strong life principles.




Which Musicians, artists, authors, etc. inspire your art?

A lot of people actually, especially artists. Hikari Shimoda has a special place in my heart.


Who most influences you in your local art community of Manila?

Maybe May Ann Licudine and Dex Fernandez.


You use mixed media when making art, both watercolor and digital art, will you describe your process of creating.

I sometimes mix both. I create random watercolor dabs, scan them and use them as my brush to color my drawings. I prefer working this way if I’m working on a digital piece.


Your pieces are very colorful and bright, yet they also contain darkness and pain. Can you describe the force behind this mix.

They contradict, yet they jive well. I like contradictions and sarcasm. I want my work to be seen as happy at first glance and for the emotion to grow as the viewer looks longer. My work tackles my frustrations, fears and questions about life and existence.




How does being an artist in the Philippines differentiate you from other artists in say New York or Berlin?

I can’t really answer that since I haven’t been in any other country yet. Philippines’ artist circle is just small. Almost everybody knows each other.


What will we find in your studio space?

My phone, a glass of water, my watercolor paints, colored pencils, papers and my collection of photographs that I’ve taken.


If you could be an artist anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why?

Maybe in Japan or New York because  these places are havens for artists. Opportunities are all around.


Name 4 words to describe your art.

Colorful, random, happy, sad.




What is your earliest memory of creating art?

I remember when my father used to bring bond papers with typewritten lettering on the front. He’d bring home all kinds of scrapped documents from the office. I’d draw cartoon characters on the back of the papers. That’s how I learned to draw.


For a deeper look into Xtian’s artist community, read Love, Struggles and Beautiful Accidents by Filipino artist Nikki Radan.
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