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Adam Karni Cohen
Every day, I want to say at least once, 'this is enough.'
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What Will the World Look Like in 100 Years?

By Adam Karni Cohen

Will you laugh at people with just four limbs? (and other musings)


Written on March 31st, 2015 


Dear future me, alive in one hundred years (we hope), may I ask you a few questions? I promise they won’t be about the lottery. No, what I want to ask you is:


Do you still eat cucumbers?


Did they ban flies?


Ni hao or Buenos dias?


Is Marx still wrong?


Did they ban males, and if so, was it painful?


Is Einstein still right?


Is man still the measure of all things?


Do you laugh at people with just four limbs?


How far have we moved from Earth?


Did we choose equality or freedom?


Are you reading this with your own eyeballs?


Do you still remember that one April in the north, and the name of that town by the hill?


What color is your hair now?


Are you still an optimist?


Are any Dickens novels still read?


Did you visit Nigeria in the end?


How did you get there?


Do you still have sex?


What is the most popular exhibit in a museum nowadays?


Does anyone have sex?


Is there still ice at the north pole?


What is the most popular story?


Did any visitors come from outer-space?


What’s the most heinous crime anyone can commit nowadays?


What do they do to criminals?


Do you remember what a story is?


How do they tune pianos?


What power source warms your house?


Does the phrase “April showers” still exist?


Dim sum, borscht or basmati?


Is there still ice in your freezer?


Has anyone come to visit from the future?


Can you still complete this lyric: “Everybody wants to rule the…”?


Did they work out who the good guys were in the end?


What did they do to them?


Are you sure you can’t tell me the winning lottery numbers?

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