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Gili Karev
I was put on this earth for nothing more than to live and let live.
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Prophetic Dreams

By Gili Karev

Can our subconscious predict the future?

Prophetic dreams are one of the mysterious and unfathomable products of our imaginations. While there is no concrete proof that certain humans possess a second sight, there is plenty of evidence supporting the idea that people do in fact have prophetic dreams – visions that indicate an event before it actually occurs.


Two prophetic dreamers who foretold their own untimely deaths were Caligula, the Roman Emperor who dreamt the night before his death that he was standing before Jupiter’s heavenly throne, and Abraham Lincoln who dreamt of his impending assassination.


Lincoln’s retelling of his prophecy is now emblematic of spooky and disturbing foresights that tell history before it’s been made. Lincoln’s retelling of the script in his prophetic dream is famous for its acute and chilling accuracy. His dream ends:


“Who is dead in the White House?” I [Lincoln] demanded of one of the soldiers
“The President” was his answer; “he was killed by an assassin!”
Then came a loud burst of grief from the crowd, which awoke me from my dream.


In some cases, an attentive prophetic dreamer can change the course of history. The most egregious leader, Adolph Hitler, was actually saved by his night vision. While a soldier during WWI he dreamt that he was buried under an avalanche in the trench he was sleeping in. When he awoke he left the trench in a hurry, only to witness a bomb explode in that exact spot moments later.


Prophetic dreams are believed to be a product of anxiety and anticipation for the future. The problem is that few have the foresight to listen to their subconscious and only discover the impact of their dreams after their truths have been unveiled. The moral? Listen to your dreams – they may reveal more than you could ever imagine.

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