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Observing The Spirit

By Orlie Sol Dahan

The spirit starts developing from our first thought or emotion

The Spirit


The layer colliding the body and soul together, connecting light to matter and mating our emotions and mind: the spirit. Unlike the soul that exists long before we become a being, the spirit starts developing from our first thought or emotion. The spirit is a combination of our emotions and mind, living in our hearts and brains.


The spirit creates the possibility of a physical experience becoming emotional,  thus enforcing or dimming our inner light. The dimming or illuminating effect can come from from a wide variety of activities, for example, eating, getting hurt, making love, being abused or even working out. All of these influence our emotions and mind and create a certain behavior, a certain us. In turn, this conduct that will incite more spiritual uplifting or suffocating, thereby adding or detracting brightness from the soul.


The heart is the physical organ in charge of our blood flow and the spiritual core responsible for our body flow. It can be so emotionally and spiritually pained that its sensitivity will manifest physically. A weakflow of blood will reduce our energy, causing our inner light to dim. In contrast, when our heart is connected to love, we experience a strong flow of blood, making  us so elated that we can experience spiritual light literally gushing out of our bodies.


Our mind is another spiritual core that is connected to the physical organ, the brain. When it does not properly function on a physical level, the brain can make someone ill both mentally and spiritually. A chemical imbalance affects all realms.


This is the same brain that we can strengthen in order to experience spiritual expansion. By focusing our thoughts and theories, we can create spurts of electricity and bliss. At first it will be intermittent, but overtime, it will become our baseline. Having a strong mind, guided in a positive manner, can enhance our inner light.


Acknowledging the 3 layers


Acknowledging the 3 layers is a source of life in itself. Knowing that our body generates a certain energy and understanding that other energies also exist in the universe creates the possibility of empowering, enforcing and enlightening everything we do, think, feel and touch.


Energy is like electricity, creating sparks in the brain, mind and soul. Energy is exchanged in both an inward and outward motion: released by us into the world, and also accepted from the world inside ourselves.


We should always be aware of the energy around us as we are consuming this fuel at all times. Acknowledgement brings awareness. First we acknowledge that our emotional and physical realms are vibrating energetically, constantly affecting one another. Next, we become aware of even the smallest change in energy, whether it be in ourselves, a lover, a stranger, even a space (a room, for example). This is called consciousness.


Spiritual awareness forms a conscious body and mind. Being aware of our physical vessel aids the body in eating better, exercising more or better coping with illness. Being conscious of the soul will make us realize that there is nothing we should yearn for more in life than enforcing our light. This is why after consciousness comes practice and when practice reaches perfect, even if just for a moment, enlightenment will peak.


This entry is part of a three part series covering The Body, The Soul and The Spirit.


In my next entry, I would like to share with you what happens after acknowledging and being aware of these 3 layers, how to enforce them, how to balance them.


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