Art By Tatiana Boiko: Novosibirsk

Observing The Soul

By Orlie Sol Dahan

It is the spark of life.



The Soul, made from light, is the purest, most ancient form of energy. It is the spark of life.  Each planet, with its distinct natural resources, provides the ability to exist. This spark of life can be found in microbes, cells and atoms – in a rock, a plant, an animal and human life.


Acknowledging this spark of light creates the possibility that we can enforce it, develop it and help it to illuminate brighter and with more purpose. As it is similar to light, our spark of energy never ceases to exist. A light can span its rays for light years so that even when it no longer exists in the present, its rays are still travelling throughout time. The stronger our inner light, the stronger the rays – the longer our energy will revolve around the earth or spread into the galaxy.


A light can be centered or scattered. When the light is centered it is in its strongest and brightest form – light in this state can absorb more energy and grow brighter.


When light is in symbiosis with darkness, the amount of light will affect the darkness and the amount of darkness will affect the light. They are in harmony.


Our inner light, our soul, is able to reflect our energies. Whether they are positive or negative they will affect the way the body reacts, either as a bulky-swollen specimen or with lightness and great flexibility. Like electricity, life is about the connection and balance between the positive and the negative, creating a circle and a flow.


Light is the fuel, the energy, the charge pushing us further and longer. It is life.


Next chapter…The Spirit. Until then, treat your body with love.


This entry is part of a three part series covering The Body, The Soul and The Spirit.



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