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Observing The Body

By Orlie Sol Dahan

Chemically each one of us is a unique combination of elements and matter, each with an individual print.


Since I have been asked to write for Dreame Diaries, I found it most natural to share a part of my personal diary. My entry is a stream-of-conscious meets memo that I wrote for myself in autumn, 2014 while in the midst of one of the biggest journeys of my life – reconnecting with nature, people and myself.


This is how I see. This is what I feel. These are my thoughts. In this moment in time.


We are a unit combined by 3 layers; the body, spirit and soul. Each layer is an individual foundation of us, though all three are perfectly connected, intimately affecting one another.  The soul is the spark of light, the spirit is our emotions and the mind and body construct is our temple, our animal, our element.


Our aspiration in life is to acknowledge and develop each layer, balancing them together to be aligned as one. No one can be infinitely and perfectly balanced, every movement of a layer affects the other layers. We should always aspire balance. However, it is making that happen that takes us on a never ending journey of personal development. Being balanced and happy is our individual responsibility; only by caring for ourselves will we be capable of helping others, developing ourselves and our surroundings.


In the first 3 chapters I will discuss each of the layers in depth. First we will discuss awareness of these layers, a process which will eventually take us into consciousness and eventually – practice in our daily lives. Once practice is in action we will encounter moments of enlightenment, which is what makes the world worth living.


The Body


Our origins are endless.


Born into a family, created by the combined elements of 2 people, each with a blood type, each with an upbringing, each with a distinct history and legacy. Our ancestry has been through many lives, moved throughout thousands of years from one land to another, collecting traditions, values, skills and also physical adaptabilities. We are composed of small infinities and cycles in different climaxes, each with a different social behavior and a unique ecosystem.


Our body is a mutation of all the collected attributes that we have collected over thousands of years, brought into this world in an infant form at the beginning of an arduous physical growing process. Most life form on earth arrives close to their final form. Even a flamingo, coming from an egg, reaches his full shape after about two years, and yet lives to be 80+.


The original type of mutation our body will be born as is the type it will grow into, yet it is able to be influenced, at any given moment, to change. We can be born with strong physical abilities but never learn how to run, we may have genes of tall ancestors but treat our body in an imbalanced way that will prevent it from growing. Even something as simple as walking barefoot instead of with shoes, or never exposing your body to germs, or being exposed to excessive amounts of sun can change a body’s whole composition.


Chemically each one of us is a unique combination of elements and matter, each with an individual print. Sometimes, a misbalance in one simple component, such as iron, hydrogen or oxygen, can change the whole being. One is off, and all 3 layers can be disrupted.


The spirit and soul can also impact the physical body. The experiences we have throughout life will impact our way of thinking, our way of feeling, our way of conducting ourselves in certain situations. Therefore some people are young and yet look already brittled and hardened, others are very old but still maintain dancing eyes and skin unfazed by wrinkles. An enlightened mind can lift and preserve physical matter, just as a distressed mind can affect the opposite.


Brought up in full understanding of the soul, its light and its cycles, we should always pay attention and maintain our physical matter, our bodies inside and out. Our body is the vessel to our souls and it needs to be nurtured, first by our ancestors, then by our parents and finally by ourselves.


Next chapter…The Soul. Until then, nurture thy self.


This entry is part of a three part series covering The Body, The Soul and The Spirit.


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