Sharonna Karni Cohen

I have been a diary writer from a young age. Within my own diary exist recurring emotions and thoughts on life. There are monumental events. Most importantly there are honest thoughts.

Diaries have always been the place to write our most tingling secrets, our clinging thoughts and wondrous adventures. The notes we write to ourselves are often the closest connection we have to our true selves, our essence. Sometimes our words chart a journey to a revelation, sometimes they mark the first few steps.

We chose to name this platform Dreame ‘Diaries’ because we are creating a global digital platform for people  to explore the inner workings of their unconscious.

Dreame Diaries is an online magazine which provides high quality, inspired peer produced content across the following six categories: productivity, culture, self reflection, spirituality, science and global affairs. Named for its meaningful and original content, Dreame Diaries is a curated space for anyone with a story to tell.

Dreame Diaries aims to question and revise the common facts of humanity while always seeking revelations, awareness and truth. Dreame Diaries is a compilation of thoughts, an unraveled revelation within an ever evolving global Diary.

We are proud to welcome you to the world of Dreame Diaries, the digital meeting space for all the seekers out there. Whether you are a contributor, a reader or simply passing through, you have reached a community of dreamers, of thinkers and of seekers. Welcome Home.

Sincerely Imagined,


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