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Gili Karev
I was put on this earth for nothing more than to live and let live.
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How to Become More Self-Aware Through Dreams

By Gili Karev

How awareness of dreams can improve self-awareness while awake.

Most of us have experienced dreams so vivid that we awake convinced we had conversations with relatives or friends, sure we received an aggressive or angry email from a teacher or boss, or had an explosive fight with a lover. While it takes a few moments to unravel which events were real and which were imagined, they always leave a lingering feeling of awareness to an issue that has gone either unaddressed or that we were previously unconscious of.


Dreams are ever useful for revealing repressed truths. Listening closely to our dreams, including knowing when to take them seriously or write them off as pure, fragmented entertainment can heighten our self-awareness. The joy of dreaming is the ability to carry this awareness into our waking life.


The self awareness we can gain from dreams allows us to connect to the collective unconscious. According to Carl Jung, there are certain archetypes that are inherent to human understanding, and are identified by all members of the same collective conscious. All living beings thoughts and experiences are organized in a similar way. When we are able to connect to our personal unconscious mind we are inherently tapping into the universal collective unconscious.


Having the ability to categorize and maintain a connection to our dreams allows us to be inherently more intertwined with the thoughts of one another. If we can learn to think with the same awareness and perception in which we dream, we can actualize the parts of our lives and the parts of the world world that require our attention.

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