Art By Natasha Wigoder: London

How I Bring a Dream to Life

By Natasha Wigoder

The dream becomes to them a fiction where they are the hero.

 As a Dreame artist, I have gained an acute awareness of the importance of recounting dreams as a means to understand ourselves and one another.


The moment we awaken from a vivid dream, we want to tell the first person we see what we just experienced. This is in part in order to reiterate the obscure story for ourselves, but also because we would like to be recognized for our ornate unconscious imaginations.


We expect our audience to be as captivated as we were in those first few moments of wakefulness but inevitably, eyes glaze over as abruptly as the giraffe sprouted asparagus from its ears and started to whistle ‘It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.’ People are only interested insofar as they were present in the dream and in those rare cases, the dream becomes to them a fiction where they are the hero – the dreamer’s true identity becomes entirely irrelevant.


When I am given a dream, there is always a specific movement, concept or notion that particularly captures my imagination. That is what is shown on paper. In drawing someone’s dream, I am lending myself to their fiction – I am making myself a part of their subconscious. As the curator, I naturally draw from my own experiences and emotions to make something visually solid from what is altogether subjective when handed to me in its raw form. The dreamer, of course, has a different image or picture in mind (and I mean this literally), but my job is not to try to replicate the exact scenario of their dream, but rather, merge it with my perspective and creative imagination. This is the essence of co-creation. Not only would an exact reproduction be impossible, but incredibly uninteresting.  The resulting image is a collaboration between artist and dreamer, two perspectives of a surreal scenario that captures the imagination of a third party.


Dreame creates a platform where the self-indulgence of dreaming is removed. It is a space to dive together into the beauty and limitlessness of the human mind. I feel privileged to be engaged and active in this cycle of infinite and boundless interpretation.

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