What people ask us

Why ‘Diaries’?
Diaries are not articles, submissions, pieces or publications. They are quintessentially personal. Your diary rests on your bedside table, not at your office. They are intimate, they are raw, they are emotional. They are yours. Diaries are a reflection of your essence. We chose ‘Diaries’ because we are creating a global digital platform for people like you to explore the inner workings of their unconscious, the personal details and stories that one can only find in that little book on your bedside table.


Who can contribute to Diaries?
Anyone and everyone with a story to tell. Our categories include productivity, culture, self-reflection, spirituality, science and global affairs. We cover a wide range of topics to provide the space for a diverse group of authors from all walks of life and places around the world to contribute and collaborate.


What if I don’t feel comfortable with writing, but still have a story to tell?
Our team of editors is happy to work with anyone who is looking to express themselves. If writing is not your strong point, we are happy to conduct interviews, transcribe recorded dialogues, or craft a story from a stream of consciousness. Let us know how you communicate your thoughts best, and we will find a way to make it work.

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