The Self

Everyone’s ‘I’ refers to a set of essential qualities that make each individual distinct from all others. Treat yourself to a headfirst dive into the fundamental questions of human emotion, motivation and behavior to better understand what makes every ‘I’ unique.
Going Home Again
How Strange it is to Love Anything At All
Pop Culture and the Compassionate Me
She, The Plate
The Cycle of Food, Labels and Self
What Happens When I Daydream?
How I Bring a Dream to Life
Observing The Body
Observing The Soul
Observing The Spirit
What Will the World Look Like in 100 Years?
Testing the Origins of Consciousness: Sleepless Sanatorium
The Power of Release
Returning to My Childhood Essence
Why it’s all about ‘Me’
How to Enter a State of ‘Flow’
The Mind-Body Connection on Love
Embracing Impermanence
Why I Believe in My Dreams
How to Become More Self-Aware Through Dreams
Why Do I Care What Others Think About Me?
Prophetic Dreams
The Best Things in Life
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