Global Impact

As individuals, we all exist as part of a greater whole. The individual cannot survive without its group. Whether that whole we identify with is a brand, a religion, a flag or an idea, identification with the collective will continue to determine the tides of history.
Dex Fernandez: Having It Made in NYC
Between My Idealist and Realist Self
On Passing, the Performance of Blackness and the Rachel Dolezals I Know
Russia: The Nation of the Book
Juliana Ruiz: The Life of a Latin American Nomad
The Bland and Beautiful World of Xtian Torres
Do Non Profit Organizations Need a Business Plan?
Embracing the Shift
The Cycle of Food, Labels and Self
What Will the World Look Like in 100 Years?
Your Four Favorite Works of Literature That Were Born in a Dream
Top 8 Scientific Breakthroughs You Missed in 2014
Scientific Snoozing
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